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Dave Ross & Chris Testimony

Chris was a lifelong runner but at 44 years old he had to give it up because his knee cartilage had worn down to nearly bone on bone. Just going for short walk was painful. After Stem Cell therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner M.D. Chris is back jogging, mountain biking and exercising without pain!

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Dave Ross & Edith Testimony

Edith used to love to run Marathons but after wearing her knee cartilage down to bone on bone and the onset of arthritis, she had to give up running, walking was a challenge. She says that her Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner M.D has been miraculous. She is now able to walk 13-15 miles a day while on vacation!

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Dave Ross & David Testimony

David had surgery on his shoulder for a torn rotator cuff but when it happened again he chose Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner M.D instead of surgery. Prior to treatment he couldn’t even hold up a cup of coffee without grimacing. Now, David is doing CrossFit and shoulder pressing 35 pounds!

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Dave Ross & Zanetta Testimony

Zannetta loved her daily swim but three tears in her labrum made swimming painful, she also had to adjust her stroke due to a limited range of motion. Zannetta had already had her right shoulder repaired by surgery and when her left shoulder was recommended for surgery, she chose stem cell therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner M.D. instead. She says her left shoulder is 100% and would choose stem cell over surgery as the recovery was much easier, less painful and she was back to full activity sooner!

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Dave Ross & Michelle Testimony

Michelle was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her knees at the age of 12. She made sacrifices her entire life, giving up activities she loved to hopefully slow the degeneration of cartilage. At the age of 49, the pain was too much and Michelle chose Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner M.D. 6 months after the procedure she was hopping and skipping through Universal Studios, pain-free!

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Dave Ross & Darrell Testimony

Darrell is a retired contractor and his knees were nearly bone on bone due to arthritis. No matter what he did, his knees hurt. He was close to choosing total knee replacement but chose Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner M.D. instead. He says he feels like one knee is brand new and the other is 80% better!

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Dave Ross & DeeAnn Testimony

DeeAnn was just 48 years old when she needed to stop doing the things she loved due to the level of pain in her knees from arthritis. This was extremely difficult because she loves to stay in shape by playing several sports and working out. After Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner M.D DeeAnn went from limping around on a cane to resuming full activity, pain-free!

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Dave Ross & Michael Testimony

Michael helped the Huskies with the 1960 Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, he reinjured a knee he had dislocated earlier in the season. Close to 60 years later, it was time for total knee replacement surgery. Nope! Michael chose Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner M.D. and is back to living life pain-free and spending time with his kids and grandkids!

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Dave Ross & John Testimony

John lives in Hawaii and loves to surf big waves! Unfortunately, his hip was in such bad shape he was considering hip replacement surgery. He also had a shoulder that nearly bone on bone. Instead of surgery, John chose stem cell therapy on both his hip and shoulder. He’s jogging, surfing and back to living life without pain!

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Dave Ross & Larry Testimony

Larry was a former college football and rugby player. He competed in Ironman competitions and even trained Nave Seals. But at 70 years old, he started to experience significant arthritis in both elbows. If he would talk on the phone for more than a few minutes, just straightening his arm back out resulted in excruciating pain. After undergoing Stem Cell Therapy on both elbows, Larry says his elbows remind him of how they felt back in his twenties!

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Dave Ross & Jamie Testimony

Jamie is 60 years old and was facing a total knee replacement. An MRI revealed she was bone on bone. The pain made life miserable. She couldn’t walk the dog, routine grocery trips were a challenge and her love for hiking and the outdoors was put on hold. After receiving Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Wagner, Jamie says she is no longer in pain and it’s been a 100% change for her lifestyle and all the activities she back to doing!

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Dave Ross & Mary Testimony

Mary was diagnosed with the stage 3 osteoarthritis in her hip and was told it may be time for hip replacement. At first she was able to live with the pain but then it started to wake her up at night, she had to take pain meds and could no longer keep up on hikes with all her friends. After Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Wagner Mary is working out harder and longer on the elliptical, she’s off the pain meds and her friends are now trying to keep up with her!

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Dave Ross & Mardell Testimony

Mardell is a Veterinarian who had studied Stem Cell Research for over a decade. After two meniscus surgeries and now facing joint replacement in her 60s, she decided Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Wagner was her best option. Just 3 months out, Mardell competed in a triathlon, with no pain during or after the race! She’s back!

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Dave Ross & Matt Testimony

Matt is 46 and has had a bum knee since his twenties, from playing football as a kid and laying carpet for a living. He tried microfracture surgery but it didn’t work. He just lived with the pain, for the next couple Decades! Then he saw Dr. Wagner and six months later Matt is running, lifting weights, circuit training and most importantly, running up and down the neighborhood with his kids!

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Dave Ross & Dan Testimony

Dan had a hip that wouldn’t allow him to sit in a car for more than 30 minutes. He also had a knee that had been through one surgery and on the verge of replacement due to a lifetime of practicing martial arts. After Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner, Dan is back to long road trips and a full Martial Arts practice schedule, without pain!

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Dave Ross & Gail Testimony

Gail broke her thumb and tore ligaments that resulted in Arthritis. She was in severe pain and couldn’t open a jar of pickles or hold a cup of coffee. Just four months after Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Wagner, Gail is driving, skippering the boat, pulling up anchor and crab pots without pain!

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Dave Ross & Tony Testimony

Tony is 46 years old and has been a firefighter for 20 years. Over the past couple years his knee pain has worsened to where he could no longer grin and bear it. An MRI revealed osteoarthritis in all three compartments of his knee. He was told surgery was his only option so he opted for stem cell therapy with Dr. Wagner instead. Four and half months after surgery, Tony is back to 100% activity at work and no longer in pain.

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Dave Ross & Donald Testimony

Donald was 74 when he tore a tendon in his shoulder working around the house. He was told surgery was his only option. Living alone and a facing a long recovery time, surgery was an option he dreaded. So he chose stem cell therapy instead and only 3 months out he is almost back to 100%!

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Dave Ross & Anton Testimony

Anton is a Treasure Island Pirate and it was getting very difficult for him to do the Seafair Torchlight and other parades. Both his knees were nearly bone on bone and he was considering total knee replacement at 55. A 90 minute, in office procedure with Dr. Mark Wagner and Anton is back to his day to day work as a contractor and his weekend pirate activity…without pain!

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Dave Ross & Bryce Testimony

Bryce loves the outdoors- Hiking, fishing, hunting, golf and pickle ball are a few of his favorites. But, Arthritis runs in Bryce’s family and the pain in his knees and thumbs got to be so severe he had to just about give up everything he loved to do. He even needed help buttoning his shirts because the thumb pain was so bad. After getting Stem Cell Therapy on both knees and thumbs, Bryce is back doing EVERYTHING he loves to do!

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Dave Ross & Suzy Testimony

Suzy sews sailboat sails and marine canvases for a living. She uses her thumbs a lot! The pain got to be so bad she wore braces at all times and took 12-15 IB Profurn a day. An MRI showed she was bone on bone and surgery was her only option. But surgery was NOT an option because of the recovery time that would put her out of work. She chose Stem Cell Therapy, and 3 months later the braces are off and the pain is gone! She no longer takes and the IB Profurn for her hands.

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Dave Ross & Robert Testimony

At 16 Robert was in a skiing accident that lead to knee surgery. At 35, he needed another surgery. Now at 50 he was looking at a total knee replacement….but he’s known Dr. Mark Wagner for over 20 years and rather than putting metal in his body, Robert chose Stem Cell therapy at Seattle Stem Cell Clinic. Robert’s bad knee is now his good knee!

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Dave Ross & Steven Testimony

Steven has known Dr. Wagner for over 30 years. He had two unsuccessful knee surgeries and a horizontal tear in his meniscus. Seeing first-hand the results Dr. Wagner’s patients had experienced, when it came down to a choice between a total knee replacement or Stem Cell Therapy – it was an easy choice! At 90 days post procedure Steven was back to 100% activity.

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Dave Ross & Ken Testimony

Ken had a knee replacement done on his left knee. But then his right knee started to act up, severe pain and nearly bone on bone from a past injury. A second total Knee replacement? Ken wanted a different option. He chose Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Mark Wagner. Listen to Ken talk about the difference in recovery time, flexibility and function between his total knee replacement and the knee he chose to have Stem Cell Therapy on.

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Dave Ross & Murray Testimony

Murray had a knee that was in really bad shape and did not want to go through with the knee replacement he had been recommended. He found Dr. Wagner and says he was extremely impressed with his background, experience and results his patients have seen with Stem Cell Therapy. After the procedure Murray has experienced incredible results, the pain is gone! In fact, the results were so good, his wife who was dealing with bursitis and arthritis in her hip decided to have the procedure. He jokes, “her results came even faster than mine!”

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Dave Ross & Linda Testimony

Linda has seen Dr. Wagner over the past 25 years to treat a knee problem she has had since a child. She says that she had nothing to lose to try Stem Cell Therapy as opposed to a total knee replacement, which she would have had to been desperate to do. She is now enjoying all the activities she loves to do with her husband because she is no longer making accommodations for bad knees.

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Dave Ross & Tim Testimony

Tim is an avid downhill skier but over the past 5-6 years has had to rely on a un-loader brace to reduce the pain while skiing. An MRI showed he had less than 2mm of meniscus in his knee. He had Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Wagner in September of 2016 and in the 16’-17’ Ski season, he skied over 60 times and didn’t wear the knee brace once!

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Dave Ross & Katie Testimony

Katie played soccer in college. She was in her early thirties refereeing a college soccer game and had to limp off the pitch in severe pain. An MRI showed a 1 cm hole in her knee cartilage. She was recommended microfracture surgery. She chose Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Wagner instead and is now back to 100% activity and hoping to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro!

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Dave Ross & Bob Testimony

Bob is a carpenter. His Shoulder felt like rubbing two rocks together and an MRI showed he was nearly bone on bone. He couldn’t lift his arm above his shoulder. After Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Wagner Bob is able to use both arms and continue with his carpentry work, without pain!

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Dave Ross & Jose Testimony

Jose has been through two knee surgeries in the past to repair ACLs. Now in his 50s he remains an avid gym goer but recently the knee pain became so severe that he really couldn’t stand on it without pain. He had been told that he was headed towards a total knee replacement. After Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Wagner, Jose is back in the gym daily, without pain!

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Dave Ross & Jim Testimony

Jim has had several different issues with his Hip, Shoulder and knees. Before seeing Dr. Wagner he had gone through microfracture surgery on his knee but still felt significant pain. He walked with a limp and getting up and down stairs was a struggle. After having Dr. Wagner treat all three joints with Stem Cell Therapy, Jim has seen return of cartilage in his Shoulder, hip and knee! He is back singing in the church choir and is no longer in pain.

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Dave Ross & Ginny Testimony

Ginny loves to play competitive pickle ball and take spin classes at the gym. She is also a big hiker. She relied on a brace to reduce to knee pain and make it manageable to continue to be active. After seeing too many of her friends have problems with knee replacement. She wanted a safer, more natural way so she opted for stem cell therapy with Dr. Wagner. She is absolutely thrilled to no longer be wearing a brace and is back to all the things she loves to do, without pain!

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Dr. M. Wagner MD Thank you 3 times for your expertise in Stem-Cell Therapy procedures. The first procedure was in the left hip with four tears. As you recall, I had two labrum tears on the inside and outside of the labrum, one in the medial gluteous tendon and a hamstring tear. What astonished me was the pain was bad, and by the next day no more pain for the last 15 months. The 2nd procedure was in my right arm just below the shoulder. NO pain since and that has lasted nearly a year. The 3rd procedure was on the right knee. After knee surgery the pain on the right outside was bad as ever and right after them stem-cell procedure on the right knee the pain lessened each day until no more pain. I am grateful to you for my better health and sound advice.

- Jim Higgins, one of your patients

Congratulations on your new position! The Hartsock Family could not be happier for you. You are a rare and wonderful physician!

- The Hartsock Family

I had an issue of arthritis and after going to my regular doctor and getting referred to so many doctors, my husband who has been a patient of Dr. W told me of the stem cell research, I made an appt. and from that point on my life has changed for the best. Dr. W has everything at his finger tips to make a decision of what is wrong and I appreciated that so much.

My surgery went well and I am in recovery right now. Each and every time I see Dr. W his staff is so pleasant and he listens to what I have to say and has a heart of what you are feeling. He wants the best for you and you can tell.

- Debra Hansen from Shoreline, WA

I had a left Achilles tendonitis that has kept me from running for a year. A friend recommended I see Dr. Wagner who recommended at platelet rich plasma injection to the Achilles. I am 5 weeks out and starting to jog again. Dr. Wagner's treatment appears to have worked for my Achilles. My thanks to him and his staff.

- John McDermott in Seattle, WA | Sep 16, 2017

Dr. Wagner, MD is an exceptional physician. He listened to my wishes and has been complete in his approach to my treatment. While he presented me with various 'evidence based treatment' options, he respected my desire for more conservative/holistic healing. Consequently, I achieved a remarkable recovery from a cervical fracture, because he respected my wishes, beliefs and most importantly, worked with me. There aren't many doctors like Dr. Wagner, MD. Thank you.

- A Grateful current patient in Tacoma, WA | Sep 02, 2017

Great Doctor, listens and cares, just had stem cell procedure done by Dr. Wagner on my hip and knee with phenomenal results. Would recommend Dr. Wagner highly to anyone

- Ron in Seattle, WA | Aug 14, 2017

I was one of the first few patients to undergo a stem-cell transplant (in May 2016) in my right knee after being diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis from a chondral defect. I have dealt with 10 years of knee pain and have done PT and other therapies, none fixing the problem. Now at 11 months post transplant and have ZERO pain. I have had a full recovery and am participating in 100% of my previous activities. I WALKED out of the office post-procedure, and am fully recovered after completing PT.

- Katie in Seattle, WA | Apr 05, 2017

Dr. Wagner did a Stem Cell Procedure on both my knees. I am very pleased with how the procedure went and how my knees
are doing since. I have talked with several friends and family members about my experience and highly recommended it...

- Tony from Seattle, WA

Dr. Mark Wagner has been our general practitioner for over 25 years. He has always been thorough and professional, and he is also a caring and compassionate person. He has cared for many in our family and always treated each one with concern and respect. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking medical care of the type he is prepared to administer.

Andrew F. and Marilyn J. Grisham

I’ve seen Dr. Wagner for years. He is knowledgeable, attentive and receptive to questions anytime.

This was a new procedure, a bone marrow aspirate concentrate using my own stem cells to regenerate cartilage. It was easy and exactly as he had explained. I walked out and see monumental improvement every day which is exciting. I trusted Dr Wagner as his past diagnosis and treatment were always spot on and I was able to return to my active lifestyle. No doubt, he’s one of the best docs around!

– Ahna M. from Seattle, WA